Glorious Imperfection: and he flows through me —


Adult Innuendo

His breath, like a whisper in my ear, speaks multitudes.  His story spills as from a fresh wound and puddles on the floor before us.  I dip my toes in to test the waters.  A beautifully uncomfortable sensation overtakes me, and, for a moment, my breath catches in my throat. ..

And Most Women Do Not Creep by Daylight: I always lock the door when I creep by daylight —

I won’t attempt an analysis of text, or anything quite so intellectual at the moment.  Instead, in adulation, I felt inspired to record myself reading Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s 1892 short story, “The Yellow Wallpaper.”


I hope, if you have a listen, you enjoy it.  I have never done anything like this before, so I know there will be much criticism – which I welcome!  

Apart from my carrying on, I do hope you give the original text a read – if you have not – as it is one of my all time favorite shorts about Madness. 


(P.S. Sorry about all the technical issues, I don’t know why the video is starting at 2minutes+ or why the still disappears at about 7 or 8 – if I do this again, hopefully I will have gained a better understanding of Jahshaka!)

Speeding through a School Zone: or, how I get away with everything —

To a fault, I am honest.  In my day to day interactions, making acquaintances, being normal, this does me a disservice.  Not to say that I am rude, but I do have a hard time letting my lips be friends.

Well, my friends, there is one situation where this aspect of my character actually behooves me:

when pulled over

by the police —

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Wait, wasn’t I mad at you? or Women v Men: Sorry, not sorry!

As you lay there in bed and address me gruffly one last time before turning your back towards me, I wondered, again, what it was that I had done?  What had I done wrong?  Did I disrespect you?  Did I ignore you?  Did I offend you?  Did I break your heart?

I think to tap you on the shoulder and question you about it.  I think to tap you on the shoulder and

tell you
I’m sorry,”

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