We’re in this together;

It seems like I eat perfectly well until I try to, and then I sabotage myself.  Maybe if we do it together?  How about we hold each other accountable?  Are you in!?

The funny thing is, I am such a healthy eater.  The darker green something is, the more I like it.  Lean protein – I don’t really like red meat.  I’m not and have never been into sweets – or sugar at all for that matter.  I take my espresso with a splash of milk.

So why have I battled with my weight my whole life?  Much of it is mental, I know – it’s depression, anxiety, eating to fill a void.  More recently, though, it’s been “Oh, you want to make a conscious effort to eat well?!” THWARTED!!


The Ugly City: or, why I love the sound of the dump truck —

When you walk around in an urban area, you are likely to find some things that are, seemingly, not so pleasant.  For instance, most cities are somewhat dirty.  The beautifully kept storefronts – home to expensive clothing – seem almost out of place

against a backdrop 
of cigarette-butts 
and (almost) empty beer bottles —

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