Living with Wild Abandon: or, the Bad Boy appeal —

This is an excerpt from my last (rather long, rather verbose) post.  I thought why bad boys have such appeal was a concept that deserved more specific discussion:

My best friend from childhood, the one I always speak about, calls me for relationship advice.  Or, rather, a decision between two “boys.”  She is my age and just as smart, but she is wholly inexperienced in exploring herself and in relationships.  I have been married nearing 5 years, so I can understand her seeking me out for advice.  Especially on such an appropriate query:

M: One of them is so smart and so respectful; he wants to treat me so well, but I just don’t feel it.  The other?  Such a bad boy.  Felonies and DUI’s galore.  A drop-out, a possible drug-dealer – no future, really.  But he’s just so exciting.

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My left hand does all my dirty work —

The other day as I (stupidly) reached for a hot baking dish with my left hand, I stopped to wonder.  (Rather luckily for my left hand, I might say – but the fact that my mind can’t comprehend that even once the heat has been removed from an object that object, however, is still hot is another topic entirely.)  I am pretty much right-handed.  Yes, I can scribble down a note with my left hand, and, at some point during my childhood, I considered pursuing

a career in



drawn with my left hand

However people always seemed slightly offended by the finished product.  I could never understand why exactly… But that pretty much put the kibosh on that idea… Continue reading