Tolerance insinuates that at some point it will be too much–

What is pain? Scientifically, I wouldn’t really know how to explain it. But I’m sure it is a reaction – it’s a physical reaction relative in intensity to some sort of external stimulus.

You stub your toe…ouch. You break your leg – OUCH! Your parachute doesn’t open when you skydive – AHdvhsjjNkskaksjsbJshshsjeb!!
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The Ugly City: or, why I love the sound of the dump truck —

When you walk around in an urban area, you are likely to find some things that are, seemingly, not so pleasant.  For instance, most cities are somewhat dirty.  The beautifully kept storefronts – home to expensive clothing – seem almost out of place

against a backdrop 
of cigarette-butts 
and (almost) empty beer bottles —

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