We’re in this together;

I’ve realized I have to be strict with myself.  When I completely cut certain foods out of my life, I don’t even think about them.  Then as soon as, one day, I say, “Ok, I can have … today,” I (over)eat terribly for the next week.  Then three months of healthy eating and exercise go down the drain.

Of course there are diets you can do: cut out carbs, cut out sugar, eat specific foods/meals at specific times of the day, etc, but I’m not interested in a diet.  I’m just interested in eating well.  And what works for me.

For instance, take the Atkins diet – I’m not a meat person, and, in general, I don’t like eggs.  So it goes well for a bit, and I see results, but I can’t keep it up.  I can’t sustain the eggs/meat/cheese thing for more than a few weeks.  Sure, after a while you start to add in more and more vegetables, but – for someone who can eat a head of broccoli and die happy – it’s never enough.

So what am I going to do?

P.S. By the way, none of this is based on anything scientific.  It’s just what my body/mind needs to feel whole.


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