Warning Boys: Gotcha! (I am Lady, hear me roar);

For some reason, maybe it’s easier not to.  Like I said, women are very calculated.  Because of this knowledge, I would have to act in some way.  With a – we’ll call it – soft suspicion, I can just close my eyes and do whatever is easier.  Maybe I don’t want to give you up.  Maybe we have a family.  Maybe we have a home.  Maybe the sex is just that good (I’ll touch on this later).  Maybe you offer me financial stability.  Sure, much of this will seem materialistic, but you never know what kind of situation you might find yourself in.

Which brings me to another point: remember, as I said, women calculate.  Maybe we’re choosing to ignore your dishonesty for a certain period of time.  Maybe we’re just waiting until we get that raise at work, find a buyer for our home, or find another man to, well, get under.  Seems cruel, right?  A betrayal akin to what you’re putting us through, right?  Because why should we worry about your feelings or being moral when you have opened the door?  We trusted ourselves, our bodies, our hearts, and our well-being to you, and you have trodden all over us.  It would seem only fitting that we make sure that we can stand on our own two feet before we open the door to that certain demise of our relationship.

Now, I had mentioned sex.  This is another facet of the complications brought on by dishonesty.  Remember how I said that we humans are also animals?  So we also have animalistic needs.  We have the need to express ourselves sexually to be happy and functioning.  In my five years of marriage, I couldn’t count the number of times I ignored anger I felt towards my husband or betrayal I felt because of him in order to, well, get what I needed.  Sure, you could cheat; but I just don’t have it in me.  There’s also a certain physical attraction between my husband and myself that is just undeniable.  I can look at him, hate him, and want to be ravaged by him at the same time.

So, if I were to check those phone records, make those phone calls, or follow him and catch him in the act, would I be able to fulfill my sexual needs anyway?  Would I be able to overlook whatever betrayal I was feeling in order have that physical release?  Could I get past it?  I’m not really sure.  I don’t think so.  Because my knowledge would be confirmed.  Even though (in my particular situation) the betrayal was non-sexual.

Let me say goodnight to you by reiterating that: Women are smart.  We are smarter than you.  We are more cunning than you.  We have seen every trick in the book.  If you are getting away with it, it is only because we let you.  Don’t get it twisted.

This is the animal kingdom.  Man must impress woman to win and keep a mate.  Man must demonstrate to his woman why he is the best choice, the strongest, the most powerful, the most attractive.  Man must secure a woman and not the other way around.  I mean, if we’re speaking instinctually.

So, boys: impress us;


5 thoughts on “Warning Boys: Gotcha! (I am Lady, hear me roar);

  1. I think we hide behind the little lies because we are afraid to disappoint you and eventually lose you. You said it: you chose us partly because of our physical appearance, money… so what happens if we become less fit or it turns out we’re not that good at driving… There’s also the matter of masculinity: men think they should be great at driving, strong as a bull, never waste money… Anyway, it’s great/frightening to know that women can see through our lies.


    1. Well that’s certainly contradictory. It’s the dishonesty that pushes us further away. A good woman is honest with her man. If she is not getting that in return?

      And you misunderstood me, I think. I wasn’t saying that I based my choice off of these superficial things. I was insinuating that every woman has a specific thing (or combination thereof) that makes the man she chooses to be with – be that appearance, money, etc etc.

      Frankly, more than an actual specific appearance/body type, it’s about the chemistry and attraction. Even on his worst days my man drives me wild. And more than any specific amount of wealth or riches, it’s about the stability and/or dedicated attention a man gives his woman. Since it’s not quantifiable, in my opinion, any materialistic change in status (becoming less fit, wealthy, powerful, etc) will not make a big difference – if it does, that woman does not deserve that man.

      Like I said, it’s about nature. Little changes on the surface won’t change the make-up of a man. Think of it as like a smell: you might get heavier or skinnier or win the lotto or lose your fortune, but you will always smell the same to me.

      And by the way: it should be scary. Here’s hoping I intimidated some man out of lying to his woman today -_-


      1. Where in my comment did I say men were intelligent? When it comes to love we are incapable of making any proper reasoning. Haha. If I were you, I’ll take it as a sign of love. His lies are a sign that he has confidence issues around you. After all these years, he still doesn’t fully grasp that you accepted him, loved him and that you are his. He’s only trying to look his best because he still fears that you’ll leave him. This is only my opinion, I’m not saying all men are like this of course.

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