Warning Boys: Gotcha! (I am Lady, hear me roar);

But what I am qualified to tell you is that whether or not we make it apparent, we always know what you are doing and what you have done.  You think you’re getting a quick one over on us?  Telling us you’re at work when you’re out with your boys – or worse, a girl?  You took that $20 out of my wallet for the pizza guy, but you maintain that you have no idea where it went?  You scraped the side of the Volkswagen along the curb, but you’re trying to make me believe the damage was there when you came out of the supermarket?  Whether big or little, we always know what you are hiding from us.

And if we don’t?  Guess what?

We don’t want to;

Now, what I mean by that is: if, for some reason, we don’t know you’re lying to us, it is because we are making a conscious effort to remain blissfully unaware.  Sometimes when an issue is too frequent, prominent, or hurtful, we decide that it’s better to remain ignorant.  It seems silly – I know.  But us women are very calculated creatures.  We know that if we know something and it’s detrimental enough we absolutely have to do something.

So, let me rephrase: it’s not that we don’t know.  It’s that we know but we consciously refuse to be made aware of factual evidence that would confirm our suspicions.

For instance, I know you’re cheating on me.  How do I know without having ever expressly caught you?  Women can feel a change in atmosphere.  Out of the corner of my eye, I notice how you tilt your phone slightly in the opposite direction while reading a text message while glancing up at me to see if I notice: I turn away innocently.  You’re coming home later and later at night.  Your excuse?  You’re hitting the gym more frequently.  But we know our man’s body.  If you’re at the gym everyday, certainly over a matter of weeks we will see a difference.

And so on and so forth.  You see?  It’s clear that something is going on.  We see all the signs.  We know what’s happening.  We could bring it up to you.  We could have a fight about it.  I could throw my suspicions at you, and you could defend each suspicious activity with a reasonable (or otherwise) explanation.  But why do that?  If I wanted to bring it up, there are many simple ways to nail you to the cross, so to speak.

First and foremost, I could check your phone records.  Call the number(s) that you’re calling most frequently and at odd hours.  Follow you.  Call your friends.  Call your gym.  Call your mother.  There are any number of ways for me to catch you red-handed.  But what then?


5 thoughts on “Warning Boys: Gotcha! (I am Lady, hear me roar);

  1. I think we hide behind the little lies because we are afraid to disappoint you and eventually lose you. You said it: you chose us partly because of our physical appearance, money… so what happens if we become less fit or it turns out we’re not that good at driving… There’s also the matter of masculinity: men think they should be great at driving, strong as a bull, never waste money… Anyway, it’s great/frightening to know that women can see through our lies.


    1. Well that’s certainly contradictory. It’s the dishonesty that pushes us further away. A good woman is honest with her man. If she is not getting that in return?

      And you misunderstood me, I think. I wasn’t saying that I based my choice off of these superficial things. I was insinuating that every woman has a specific thing (or combination thereof) that makes the man she chooses to be with – be that appearance, money, etc etc.

      Frankly, more than an actual specific appearance/body type, it’s about the chemistry and attraction. Even on his worst days my man drives me wild. And more than any specific amount of wealth or riches, it’s about the stability and/or dedicated attention a man gives his woman. Since it’s not quantifiable, in my opinion, any materialistic change in status (becoming less fit, wealthy, powerful, etc) will not make a big difference – if it does, that woman does not deserve that man.

      Like I said, it’s about nature. Little changes on the surface won’t change the make-up of a man. Think of it as like a smell: you might get heavier or skinnier or win the lotto or lose your fortune, but you will always smell the same to me.

      And by the way: it should be scary. Here’s hoping I intimidated some man out of lying to his woman today -_-


      1. Where in my comment did I say men were intelligent? When it comes to love we are incapable of making any proper reasoning. Haha. If I were you, I’ll take it as a sign of love. His lies are a sign that he has confidence issues around you. After all these years, he still doesn’t fully grasp that you accepted him, loved him and that you are his. He’s only trying to look his best because he still fears that you’ll leave him. This is only my opinion, I’m not saying all men are like this of course.

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