So Much Sex: on International Promiscuity

Now, I’m not trying to toot my own horn or, by any stretch of the imagination, excuse or advertise my reckless promiscuity.  However this has greatly affected my view on life from an anthropological standpoint.  I have been through a lot.  Whether through participation or by baring witness, I have many stories to tell.  As an older Croatian gentleman I hold dear once told me, your young legs have walked many miles.  I always took it to mean that I am an old soul.

But I digress…  I have been distracted as I have been chronicling these (mis)adventures of mine in a sort of memoir.  Excitedly, I am nearing 30,000 words – according to Wikipedia: just 10,000 more, and I’ve got a certifiable novel on my hands!  Now, you might say, “So then you are trying to toot your own horn!”  And while I completely understand the sentiment, I might defend myself by expressing how I feel about the girl that is Me.  I am nothing special.  I do not think that anyone would want read a book about me.  Or, to be honest with you, even know me.

However, I do believe that the experiences I was lucky (or un) to be able to have at the tender age of 19 are absurd.  Whomever thought that it would be a good idea to turn my mental/emotional instability loose in a foreign country (yes, thank you, oh-so-loving family) was even more of a cuckoo than I was (ahem, am).  Just as much self-realization took place as incredibly stupid (and dangerous) decisions.

With that said, let me tell you a bit about what I am writing.  Short stories are really my thing.  I’ve been told many times that “a short story won’t get you published” (not entirely true) and that I should “just try my hand at diving straight into a novel” (ok, that one is true).  However, after trying many times to start the “novel” process, I have found that I still feel most comfortable in this shorter form.

But I have found a compromise!  After speaking to a close friend (and published novelist), I struck upon the idea of writing about sex.  I’m not entirely sure why, but when I come at my story from a sexual standpoint, the writing flows freely.  Thusly, my project has become a series of sequential vignettes (you see, so it really is a novel – just calling it “sequential vignettes” has tricked my brain into feeling comfortable [I am the master manipulator!]) wherein each chapter represents my story with a particular man.  Who that Man was, what I experienced with Him, and what He taught me.

Oh, and of course the Sex.

 (Ok, after clicking it definitely is 18+) —>

6 thoughts on “So Much Sex: on International Promiscuity

  1. A couple of questions Lola:
    1) Are you sure the stories are unique and that you’re not repeating the same terms over and over: like “After that first night, I couldn’t go a day without seeing…” It can apply to many of your mates.
    2) The story needs to go somewhere: a realisation at the end, change, emotional growth… Is this the case?

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    1. Yes. Each man was from a different part of the country, walk of life, mindset, and age group from the others. Each man taught me something different about life, love, the world, and myself. I am a much different person for every situation I found myself in.

      Also, in regards to repetition (i.e. “After that first night…”): this was unique to this (married) man. This was the second time in my life that I was ever “in love,” per se – and a more mature (if yet still immature) version of “love” as than was my “first love” during my childhood (which, inconsequently, is a story that has been published – I guess I can’t write unless it’s inspired by a man).

      Also, in regards to “sex scenes” (or erotica, as it were), I also glaze over (or insinuate) situations that are too similar one to the other. I included this excerpt for sensationalism’s sake thinking that many disinterested people can’t help but stop and take a peek when “SEX” is in the title (haha).

      This was, perhaps, the most difficult part of writing this: I wanted to express the importance of these carnal connections without writing, well, pornography. It was difficult to find the right balance (and still I might not have) between what to include and what not too.

      You’re definitely right though. These are some things I should take into consideration. I appreciate your thoughts =]

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