So Much Sex: on International Promiscuity

18+ (maybe)

Did that header get you to click read more!?

Good!  That’s what it was supposed to do…

While this post itself won’t include much about sex, it will be the underlying motif.  I am actually writing to excuse my absence (again) and to explain more about what I’ve been doing (besides starting work!) and to gauge the amount of interest in my project.

Anyone who has read some amount of my past posts will be aware that (while I am American – Floridian to be exact) I moved to Italy to attend my senior year of high school.  A great amount of self-exploration and discovery went on during that year (including but not limited to smoking pot, frequently sleeping with my host brother, and losing a whole lot of weight).  Due to extenuating circumstances (i.e. not getting into NYU early admission), I would decide to stay in Italy to attend university.

Well, the year (ok, ok – the semester) I managed to get through (before my family would lose all of its money) and the time I spent as a gypsy roaming the streets of Rome afterwards (getting into all kinds of trouble) were spent, at length, in the company of a great many men.  Over the six months before I met my now-husband of almost five years, I got to know many diverse men from all walks of life:

of the just-under-twenty men,
there was a cab driver,
a married caffe owner,
a drug dealer,
and a Sicilian pharmacist
– to name a few. 


6 thoughts on “So Much Sex: on International Promiscuity

  1. A couple of questions Lola:
    1) Are you sure the stories are unique and that you’re not repeating the same terms over and over: like “After that first night, I couldn’t go a day without seeing…” It can apply to many of your mates.
    2) The story needs to go somewhere: a realisation at the end, change, emotional growth… Is this the case?

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    1. Yes. Each man was from a different part of the country, walk of life, mindset, and age group from the others. Each man taught me something different about life, love, the world, and myself. I am a much different person for every situation I found myself in.

      Also, in regards to repetition (i.e. “After that first night…”): this was unique to this (married) man. This was the second time in my life that I was ever “in love,” per se – and a more mature (if yet still immature) version of “love” as than was my “first love” during my childhood (which, inconsequently, is a story that has been published – I guess I can’t write unless it’s inspired by a man).

      Also, in regards to “sex scenes” (or erotica, as it were), I also glaze over (or insinuate) situations that are too similar one to the other. I included this excerpt for sensationalism’s sake thinking that many disinterested people can’t help but stop and take a peek when “SEX” is in the title (haha).

      This was, perhaps, the most difficult part of writing this: I wanted to express the importance of these carnal connections without writing, well, pornography. It was difficult to find the right balance (and still I might not have) between what to include and what not too.

      You’re definitely right though. These are some things I should take into consideration. I appreciate your thoughts =]

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