That Boy Over There is Dealing Drugs While His Sister Sells Herself–

Have you ever sat on a bench at the park or waiting for the bus or in any number of public places?  Whether or not you speak to the people around you (or even actively observe them), you do tend to notice something about the way they are or what they are doing.

Maybe the boy sitting beside you is rolling a joint.  Or that girl over there has on heels that are too high and a skirt that is too short.  Did those two in the corner just exchange something under the guise of a handshake?  And I wonder if that girl is old enough to be with the man she’s walking with!

Now you’ve seen it.  You can’t unsee it.  You can’t pretend that they’re not there and that it didn’t happen.

But do you take the time

to pass judgment?

I notice everything.  I do.  I’m a habitual observer.  Maybe it’s because I’m a story-teller, but I tend to absorb my surroundings.  In the same way a medium might not be able to turn off the voices of those passed calling out to be noticed, neither can I stop the turning wheel of the gramophone of my surroundings.

And to me, each one of those people becomes a character.  An untold story.  I can’t stop my imagination as it runs rampant, deciding where the girl in the heels is coming from so early in the morning yet still dressed from the night before, what the nefarious duo secretly passed each other, which window in the nearby building marks the home of the person who sold that boy his drugs, and which country the older man might have ordered his wife from.

Amongst all of these stories – however positive or negative – I never pass judgment on anyone.  Even when it is blatantly clear that someone is making markedly unhealthy life choices, I never see it as my place to decide whether, as a person, they are good or bad.

I suppose my motto in life, if I had to pick one to live by, would be:

Live and Let Live —

They say that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.  I have made some wonderful decisions.  I have made some terrible decisions.  We are all guilty of imperfection.

Who am I to tell you that what you’re doing isn’t right?  Or even that it is?  Who am I to decide the difference between moral and immoral?  I should pass judgment on my fellow man based on arbitrary ideals propagated by one religion or another?  Or even on laws passed into existence by a government that does not include any of us?  On popular opinion?

I am no deity.  I do not have this power.  I can only believe that if I lead my life as I d**n well please, make decisions that do not negatively affect others, and try and surround myself and loved ones with positive energy that I will be ok in the end.

We are all barreling towards the same imminent demise.  Why waste even just a second of your life worrying about what somebody else is doing over your own happiness?  I am a firm believer that we are the sole creators of our own happiness.  Spend more time creating the life you want for yourself and less worrying about those of others–


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