The Girl That’s Never Been Dumped: or, why I just can’t help myself–

There are those people that say, “No one has ever broken up with me.”  You know the ones: Girls that are just that hot; boys that are just that wealthy.  Then there are those unfortunately beautiful, tortured souls that have always been the ones left in the wake of relationship after relationship – the ones that are just so good and are incapable of hurting anyone.

Then there are the rest of us.  Those of us whom have been both the heartbreaker as well as had our hearts broken.  It’s normal throughout our lifetimes to hold onto people we’d be better off without as well as to lose those whom we should have clung onto.

That’s life–

I left my first boyfriend the day after I gave him my virginity.  My second boyfriend left me because he wasn’t ready to give his to me.  The first “love of my life” wasn’t able to give me anything because

our decades-wide age gap made it a felony

This post is not about any of that.  But I got your attention, didn’t I?!

Every so often I have to wonder whether I’m cut out for the normal world.  I have some regrets over not having followed the path I was on to become some sort of high-earning professional.  I do.  My life would have been much different, easier, more stable.  But, in the arms of that world, would I have been able to really let my freak flag fly?

I interview surpassingly well.  Honestly – every interview I have, I am offered a job.  I suppose this is where the heartbreaker/broken-hearted analogy comes in:

I am the girl 

that has never been dumped–

I ask all the right questions.  I have all the right answers.  I allude just enough to my well-to-do upbringing to express an ability to be comfortable in any professional situation.  I have a powerful academic background to support my skills and ability to learn and adapt.  I make wonderful eye-contact.  I laugh quietly at all the right moments.  I dress appropriately.

I am a wonderful actress–

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