The Soundtrack of my Life: or, what music and when?

We, as storytellers, have a Voice.  Just as in any creative pursuit, multiple people can tell the same story, sing the same song, sketch the same scene, or dance the same choreography.  What differentiates us one from the other is our particular Voice.  Chopin says so much without ever uttering a word – he doesn’t tell you what he’s feeling, he expresses it.  Thusly, he inspires me to do the same.  He is like a not-so-silent partner to all my serious writing.

To anyone who has read my writing since I started online a month or so ago, it is pretty obvious that I write about life and real events.  This carries over even into my “fiction” off the web (which is not so much fiction then, really, is it…?).  Anyway, we’ll just call it that so I don’t get in trouble!

Because of the truthful nature of my writing, I often reflect back on specific events in real environments.  For inspiration in these instances, I will listen to music that is unique to these places and/or situations.

For example, much of what I am currently writing about off the web is a sort of memoir of my time in Italy.  Because of this, I will often put on traditional Italian music (or even stornelli Romani) to sort of trick my brain into regressing to that place.  I’ll even split screen my computer to half text and the other an image of the place I am writing about.  Other times I will include songs that are specific to that period of time as in songs that I frequently listened to with friends.

When I clean, I listen to instrumental tango.  In the car, I listen to karaoke tracks that I can sing along to (hey, if you see me at a red light, just keep driving!).  With my father, who is a musician, I listen to blues, bluegrass, rock, jazz – anything that we can play along too, really.  Oh, and I listen to the blues when I’m sad.

Music has its place in every aspect of Life.  Everyone should have a Soundtrack that makes them feel good and that helps them to create–


7 thoughts on “The Soundtrack of my Life: or, what music and when?

  1. I know I am going to sound like an idiot. But for me, Celine Dion’s songs do wonders whenever I listen to them. It brings back so many memories… I am not a huge music fan but when I do listen to a piece, I am immersed in it. It’s like meditation.
    And it’s nice to see people still appreciate classical music.


  2. I totally agree. It all depends on what you are writing or working on. I always listen to music when writing and creating my art. It helps me to create the right mood in my pictures and texts. I couldn’t work without it. It needs to be there. Thanks for a great post!


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