The Soundtrack of my Life: or, what music and when?

I live life by a Soundtrack.  Music lends itself to any situation.  Whether it be in regards to creativity, productivity, or even your emotional state, music is always there to stimulate and bring to life ideas.

Reading Your Writing Lady‘s post “Should You Listen to Music While Writing?” brought this idea to the forefront.  Whether music is a helpful base or a harmful distraction to your endeavors – well, that’s really dependent on the type of person and the type of music.

The type of music I’m listening to depends on what I am doing.  I would consider myself somewhat of a Jill-of-all-trades, so, in turn, my musical spectrum is just as diversified.

When I code – or work with computers in any technical capacity – I listen to psytrance like Infected Mushroom or goa like Goa Gil.  Ok, hear me out.  I think this has something to do with growing up watching cop shows with similar (ok, less hard…) music any time they cut to the tech team or  someone doing anything mildly scientific.  Think CSI.  I know you know what I’m talking about.  I suppose it inspires me to feel like this technical bad@ss.

It’s really ok, you can think I’m silly!

Now, when I write, that’s a whole different story.  But, then again, it also has to do with what I’m writing.

All music has its place in my creative cloud–

For instance, the other day I wrote about meditation, yoga, and being centered.  To inspire myself to write about that subject, I listened to ambient music.  Think soundscapes with a rumbling gong here and a light bird chirping there.  Nothing too intrusive.  This was to bring that feeling of peace and tranquility I had when I was inspired to write the post into my chaotic home and in front of my computer screen.  (I know, I really need a laptop.)

My base will always be Chopin.  By far my favorite composer, Chopin always has a place in my writing.  Anything that is mildly serious or a story that I am just beginning to explore will include a little Chopin.  He just has that capacity to bring me to my center, help me to concentrate, and help me to impart emotion into my words without spelling it out.


7 thoughts on “The Soundtrack of my Life: or, what music and when?

  1. I know I am going to sound like an idiot. But for me, Celine Dion’s songs do wonders whenever I listen to them. It brings back so many memories… I am not a huge music fan but when I do listen to a piece, I am immersed in it. It’s like meditation.
    And it’s nice to see people still appreciate classical music.


  2. I totally agree. It all depends on what you are writing or working on. I always listen to music when writing and creating my art. It helps me to create the right mood in my pictures and texts. I couldn’t work without it. It needs to be there. Thanks for a great post!


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