Living with Wild Abandon: or, the Bad Boy appeal —

Why do girls give up academic dreams, forgo moral standards, and forgive the unforgivable for the chance to live on the edge?

Surely, it is exciting.  And wild, and passionate, and unforgettable, and raw – surely, this is Life.  Not knowing what each day will bring you, not knowing where you might end up, not living the same day-to-day that you have been living since childhood; these are all very viable motives for why we choose Mr. Bad Boy over Mr. Smart and Respectful.

Mr. Smart and Respectful is, well, dull.  To say the least.  We know where we’re going with Mr. Smart and Respectful – we know that we’ll either have some career or be a housewife, but, in any case, we will have that house with the white picket fence and 2.5 children and a pension and security.  With Mr. Bad Boy, none of that is guaranteed.  Actually, it would be safe to say that the exact opposite of that is guaranteed.

Mr. Bad Boy opens our eyes to things we’ve never seen before.  Mr. Bad Boy is dangerous.  Mr. Bad Boy is unpredictable.  Mr. Bad Boy will stand up for us in a fight – not to say that that’s for any reason beyond the fact that, generally, Mr. Bad Boy is inherently aggressive and always looking for a fight.  Mr. Bad Boy is an artist, Mr. Bad Boy is an old soul, Mr. Bad Boy is profound…

Mr. Bad Boy 

is broken — 


8 thoughts on “Living with Wild Abandon: or, the Bad Boy appeal —

  1. Oh yes! Your advice is true.
    But, bad boys are just undeniable and exciting.
    Why do we put ourselves through that, again and again?
    Its like we dont even WANT to learn from that particular mistake. 😛

    Well written. 😀


  2. I really like how you’re not condemning choosing the bad boy, it makes the post come across in a wonderfully reasoned and balance way. I would say that you could do with looking at your placement of commas in the first few paragraphs. The grammar just didn’t seem to flow just right when I was reading it, and the use of tense threw me a little as well. I couldn’t work out if this was supposed to be in past tense or present.
    The dialogue gave you a great dimension however. Coupled with how concise the post was it created this fantastic, snappy post that kept my attention right the way through and left me wanting to read more of your work. It’s a great example of blogging done well in my opinion.


    1. In condemning choosing Mr. Bad Boy, I would be condemning myself!

      As for the comma-splicing…thank you for pointing that out. My brain is rather disordered, so I can imagine that my writing comes across in that manner at times as well. Also, Italian has become my “first language” over the past 5-6 years, so what I think in Italian frequently comes out rather jumbled in English. In romance languages, for example, you can change the meaning or type of sentence (or even emphasis on specific words/ideas) by changing around the structure of a sentence. I have gotten comfortable doing this, but I suppose it doesn’t work that way in English…!

      I will say that I was taught as a child that you must first learn the rules [of grammar] to be able to eloquently bend them. I have always been a rabble rouser, so my abuse of commas might just be my version of breaking the law! Haha =]

      But I will definitely take to heart what you have said and try to be 1.) more clear and 2.) less generous with my comma-gifting…! As for your confusion in regards to tense, I’m not sure what part you’re referring to. If you could point it out to me, perhaps I would be able to see. If you are referring to the beginning of the post versus the body, it might have something to do with the fact that I copied and pasted the first few paragraphs from a portion of a post I had written prior that I felt deserved more specialized discussion.

      I appreciate very much the time you have taken to read my words and your comment, your criticism, your advice, and your compliments!


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