The Bartender Therapist: or, a harem forming about me

Another close friend I have known since about the same age as her was recently fired.  At the same time, she is in a relationship with a man who is separated from his wife of 12 years – and children.

Though we have always known each other, we have not spent much time alone together; I mostly saw her when spending time with her family.  As all of these things are happening, she seems to have a desire to grow closer to me – which suits me just fine.  She has a wonderful soul.  And I make her laugh.  A lot.

And anybody that appreciates

the oddity that is Me

is okay in my book–

I give her the advice that I can, though, maybe I am unqualified.  She says she has been in this spoken relationship with this man for nearly a year, though they only see each other once a month.  He has told her he loves her and wants this to last forever while, in the same breathe, does not want a relationship.  She waits and pines.

I don’t want to tell her to forget Him, though I do wish she would go out and “do Her.”  She is afraid that he might “get the wrong idea.”  I think He deserves a kick in the @ss – but that’s just me.  And a 12 year marriage – even failing – is a hard Beast to penetrate.


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