The Bartender Therapist: or, a harem forming about me

Also, as in love as you may be, you will always have lover’s quarrels.  There is just no other way about it.  And, in my opinion, venting about your man to another man is a very dangerous thing.  Where, perhaps, feelings have never existed (or never been expressed), feelings may develop.  Men who are protective of you in a respectful, friendly manner may become protective of you in a very masculine manner.  Feelings, or even the illusion of feelings, may develop.

Words can be misconstrued, and feelings can be misinterpreted.  Whether or not you end up beneath the sheets – or on top of them, or even in the kitchen – I feel that sharing intimate, negative details about your romantic life with another man still constitutes some sort of very potent, emotional betrayal in regards to your own.

But about my harem.

As a bartender, you are very much like a therapist.  You listen to people’s problems, give advice when able and is appropriate, and absolutely do not judge.  Maybe that is why I was so well-liked by my customers (whether slinging liquor or coffee).  I am a good listener.  Be it serious or silly, academic or otherwise.  And this translates, apparently, into all aspects of my life.

An amazing girl I worked with once told me, “I feel like I can talk to you about anything.  You ask me questions about me, about how a situation is affecting me, but you never question the Situation.  You never ask what I am unwilling to say.  You never make me feel uncomfortable about my decisions or for what I’ve chosen to say.”

So, I have this gaggle of women in my world.  As I insinuated prior, like myself, they are all, somehow, broken.  But, unlike myself, it is not this low, constant burn, but, rather, an instantaneous explosion.

Rome wasn’t built in a day,
but it can take just that long to crumble–

And it seems like everyone’s world explodes at once.  Usually quite an isolated and introspective person, I find my phone beeping and ringing all day.


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