I am Everything and Nothing: or, how I know I’m a writer —

I played the bass.  Well, first the piano.  I started piano lessons when I was four and played until I was 13.  By then I had decided I was going to horseback ride and maybe own a farm with my best friend.  First I started jumping, but then I found this dusty old sidesaddle saddle in the barn where we rode; I thought it was more romantic to ride sidesaddle.

That lasted until all my friends were boys.  So, we decided to start a rock band, and I decided to play the bass guitar.  That was lots of fun.  Until it wasn’t.  There was quite a bit of emotional turmoil within my house with my immediate family, and I wanted nothing more than to go away to school.

So, when I was 16, I did.  And that’s where I discovered my love for Latin.  Oh, how I love Latin.  And music.  I started taking bass lessons, kept on taking voice lessons, and started piano lessons again.  For our classical choir pieces, our director always had me do the solos.  She even took me to join her professional choir outside of school – although she never really knew the fun that I was having with a man that I had met there…  I kept doing yoga, and was even part of a competing ultimate frisbee team (I know, the extent of my athletic prowess is astounding, you don’t have to tell me).

On the first day of school, I sat with a bunch of Korean girls.  Oddly enough, my school was something like almost 40% South Korean.  And it wasn’t in Korea.  We were sitting there on the grass in the quad when a Chinese girl from New Jersey came up to us and

asked me 

what part of Korea

I was from — 

2 thoughts on “I am Everything and Nothing: or, how I know I’m a writer —

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