I am Everything and Nothing: or, how I know I’m a writer —

Today I woke up and wanted to be a lawyer.  Okay, so, no, I don’t really want to be a lawyer.  It’s something I’ve considered all my life, something I’ve been told I’d be good at for as long as I can remember – it probably has something to do with my penchant to argue things into the ground.  My earliest recollection is from lower-school defending a classmate’s liberty to wear a school-monikered sweatshirt during gym class when the PE teacher was trying to force her to take it back.  The teacher got snarky with me, and I will always remember her words:

Take it up with me 
when you’re in Georgetown law —


So, I never made it to law school.  But I do want to be a psychiatrist.  I love to watch people, study them, and understand what makes them tick.  In the summer between middle and high school I attended a boarding school summer program where I forced them to let me take the high school psychology course.  At the end of the summer, I gifted a copy of the DSM-IV to my teacher…who thought I was weird.  I mean, I guess in a good way?

And then, I was going to be a medical examiner.  In the 6th grade I wanted to volunteer at the county M.E.’s, but my pediatrician wouldn’t sign off on the permission.  I guess I was well into my “goth” faze, and he thought it had something to do with my macabre outlook on life – not just my curiosity.

He didn’t think 
it would be healthy
for a 14 year old 
to see dead bodies 
all day long —

I started taking classical voice lessons when I was 10.  It had something to do with Charlotte Church just getting big.  I had always been into the arts and was lucky enough at the time to have wealthy relatives that were donors to the performance arts.  I had the best seats to see musicals, operas, ballets –

when I was 15,

I got to sit 

in a throne 

at the Royal Opera House

in London — 

2 thoughts on “I am Everything and Nothing: or, how I know I’m a writer —

  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I generally agree with your comments about opinions. I don’t moderate comments because I try to avoid spam, ping backs, and other malicious attempts at blog interference. Best wishes. Uldis


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