Gym Culture and the Female Condition: and now I remember why I stopped going —

You walk into the gym and they have to scan your membership card. Inevitably, you have to interrupt a conversation to get one of the juiced up trainers to notice you.

I mean, don’t get me wrong.  I actually prefer they don’t notice me.  It’s those blissful times when they are so busy flirting with the girl in the spandex hot pants that I slip by unseen that I am most happy.

You see, 

when I go to the gym

I want to be invisible–

Then there’s the older redhead that is ALWAYS THERE.  Every single time I go to the gym, she’s there.  Well, now she’s employed there (probably got tired of paying all those dues…), so I guess it makes sense.  But you know who I’m talking about:

The lady that (before she even worked there) follows you around and makes you take out your headphones every seven minutes to indicate what that button does or what this setting is – you know, unsolicited advice.  She’s also that lady who gets on the treadmill next to you and ups her setting every time you do,

her eyes constantly wandering over to your results screen.  

The other usual suspects include that trainer that eyes you up and down and seems to have constant reasons to pass in front of you.  (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a bombshell – I just must be his “type”.)  Every time, you feel the need to tense up, stick your butt out a little more, suck it in…even though you’re not seeking this attention, you feel a female responsibility to represent your sex well.  As flattering as it is (and as adorable as he is), it’s a constant interruption and a constant reminder that

you are in the gym, and 

people can see you–

I mean, I know people can see me – I’m not completely out of my mind.  I just don’t want the reminders.  It’s a distraction from what I am there to do.

Really, I just want to be in my own world.  I want to put my headphones on and zone out.  I don’t want any interruptions, I don’t want any compliments, I don’t want to make small talk, I don’t want any advice (especially from you, *****, keep your eyes on your own machine!).  I just want to de-stress.

If I didn’t need the gym so badly, I would give it up again.  Hah.


5 thoughts on “Gym Culture and the Female Condition: and now I remember why I stopped going —

    1. Oh, I’ve never done yoga at a gym. I go to the gym for cardio (I am *ahem* endowed in a manner such that running outdoors/on concrete is uncomfortable for me) and some light work on resistance machines. I’ve only ever practiced privately – with the occasional class at a studio (more so when I was living in the NE…).
      But I agree with you.


  1. I totally get this. I even hate running into people I know while I’m on my lunchtime walk, because I’m zooming and listening to music and the talking just totally wastes time I should be still zooming! I can’t even exercise with others because I need to totally zone out 😦


    1. I know what you mean. I am, by nature, a very solitary creature – save for a select few. But there are even times when I need to be alone (away from even those I do like to spend my time with) because I just need a moment to be with myself.

      People don’t get it. I don’t need to be “pulled out of a funk” or, even, always be a party in order to feel fulfilled —


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