My left hand does all my dirty work —

The other day as I (stupidly) reached for a hot baking dish with my left hand, I stopped to wonder.  (Rather luckily for my left hand, I might say – but the fact that my mind can’t comprehend that even once the heat has been removed from an object that object, however, is still hot is another topic entirely.)  I am pretty much right-handed.  Yes, I can scribble down a note with my left hand, and, at some point during my childhood, I considered pursuing

a career in



drawn with my left hand

However people always seemed slightly offended by the finished product.  I could never understand why exactly… But that pretty much put the kibosh on that idea…

But even though I write with my right hand, I tend to do everything dangerous, dirty, or ill-advised with my left hand.  When I worked as a barista, my left hand was always red and calloused from holding the frothing pitcher as I steamed milk for 500 cappuccinos every day.  When I roll out the dumpster – you guess it! – I use my left hand.  I pick up squished cockroaches with my left hand.  When thinking quickly to avoid a kitchen-calamity and grab a falling or burning item, I use my left hand!

So why then, I ask, do I 

so loath 

my left hand

as to

abuse it

so frequently?

I mean, I don’t really.  I actually love my left hand.  I adore my left hand.  Without my left hand, I would be lost!

Apart from all the danger I put my left hand in, I actually use my left hand to do mostly everything (besides write).  Holding something steady, doing something artistic, measuring, pouring, turning things on and off – and, perhaps, most importantly

taking a selfie!?

I suppose my real question is what makes someone right or left handed?  What makes someone ambidextrous?  Is it just a question of writing or does it have to do with everything we do with our hands?  And why, then, do we consider ourselves one or the other when we really do just as much (or more) with our opposing hand?  Are we all ambidextrous?  Or all we all confused about which-handed we really are?

Have I been confused all my life!?  Am I really the opposite of what I think I am?  Am I really more than I think I am?  Am I ambidextrous!?  Or even…

Am I 

a lefty!?


2 thoughts on “My left hand does all my dirty work —

  1. Oh wow, I am definitely a Righty. I can hardly do anything with my left hand! My roommate is a Lefty and it amazes me how much she can do with her left hand, but watching her try to do things the Righty way is hilarious! Very interesting though. I wish I could froth milk with my left hand!


    1. I mean, I think I identify as a righty as well. It’s just weird to me, then, all the specific things I choose to do with my left hand. The frothing milk thing was really just a necessity, though – 6 morning shifts at a SERIOUSLY busy hub made me proficient at doing anything and everything with both hands (and at the same time) haha!


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